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Get to know us: Jessica K

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Jessica Keasler says she is now officially a “Baton Rouge local”, having been here for 15 years, escaping the cold north. She loves all things Louisiana, and cheers for LSU, unless they are playing Alabama in football. When Jessica isn’t crafting, baking, or brunching; she volunteers her time with multiple organizations including the Louisiana Water Environment Association, Of Moving Colors Production Company and Louisiana Brownfields Association. Jessica is a certified planner and is the Site Evaluation and Remediation Director for Providence Engineering and Environmental Group.

Jessica Keasler, having grown up in Binghamton, New York; claimed incompatibility with cold winters, and moved south. After a short four-year stint in at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Jessica moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2004 to attend graduate school at LSU. After graduation, Jessica joined a regional environmental and engineering firm that she was with for 13 years before moving to her current position. She has been very involved in volunteering with community organizations, she held numerous leadership positions in both community-based and technical/professional organizations both regionally in Baton Rouge and Statewide. Through her involvement with Baton Rouge’s largest young professional organization, Forum 35, she volunteered her time for many non-profit organizations doing great things for the community. Focusing her philanthropic endeavors to align with her passions, she spends time with organizations serving the Arts, specifically dance, and on STEM Education. When Jessica isn’t serving her community through these organizations, she spends her free time crafting, reading, baking, writing short stories, and brunching.

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