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Between Two Jessicas: A Podcast

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Everything's better when you're Between Two Jessicas. At least that's what we think. Over a year ago we were approached about hosting a podcast, immediately we thought: "Uh yes!". Then the reality of what hosting a podcast meant and while we committed to and set goals, they never seemed to align. After months of talking about starting and friends constantly asking when our podcast was going to launch, we finally did it. With the help of Jessica T's little brother we are excited to say Between Two Jessica's is finally here.

We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we are, we created the podcast as a way to host people we admire and talk through conversations we are already having with ourselves, with each other and with everyone around us. We aim to create a space of creativity, vulnerability and authenticity. But ultimately we want to have fun. Listen along as we explore our lives the personal, professional and everything in between!

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